In a public cloud services are constantly changing. The organisations that use public cloud usually operate with several suppliers and partners. Companies need a partner who will regularly check that everything is up to speed and decisions are based on updated knowledge.

The Cloud Advisor-service helps with the challenges of the public cloud and hybrid environments. Cloud Advisor also takes the future and future needs into consideration.

Listed below are a few typical challenges organisations face when dealing with public cloud services:

There is a service model for outsourcing and on-premise-services, but not for public cloud.

Public Cloud changes constantly – new services and opportunities appear and old ones disappear. Someone should be on the know, what each change means to the whole service.

Lack of resources and rushing along. Challenge to find the right solution and the right professional for each occurring need to gain benefits quickly for both business and IT-functions.

Business needs arise constantly. Public cloud most likely provides a quick and easy solution, but who has the time to search and find out what they are? For example, Azure marketplace has thousands of services, ready to use.

How to ensure that solution providers follow the rules (governance for public cloud)? How to ensure, that the solution fits the architecture and environment?

Public cloud governance needs constant check-ups and development, as the cloud environment changes.

Cloud Advisor answers the challenges of today

Cloud Advisor as a service is an architect assigned for the customer. He knows the customers business, IT-functions and service models. The aim is to create and bring forward modern public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, which aid both business and IT. The secure solutions aid the company’s agility and competitiveness regardless of time or place.

Cloud Advisor is the customers resource to find the correct solution. The Cloud Advisor can create solutions himself or find the right resources and solutions from the open market. Customers receive an expert resource with a constant NDA without having to hire their own staff for the cloud architecture. As a customer, you remain independent and create a tactical supplier  and outsourcing partner independence. The customer owns the public cloud solutions and can use competitive tendering for a certain service level, when necessary.

Cloud Advisor Service

Takes note of the changes in the public cloud, taking the customers current environment and goals for the future into consideration

What is happening in the public cloud and what services are ending? Actions and development suggestions

New possibilities for business from public cloud

Mapping out new business needs from the public cloud – can these needs be met efficiently utilising the public cloud fully?

Coordinating all assignments regarding public cloud – whatever you need, Onrego is on the case

Development and constant upgrading of the governance model, taking changes into consideration

Onrego Software Assesment: Ensuring that new solutions (custom solutions, SaaS, Paas) fit the customers own environment (Cloud Software Governance)

Check-up and optimization of the usage of cloud resources


Execution and pricing

Customer gets an assigned architect from Onrego. In a weekly Morning Coffee Cloud Advisor reports to the customer with the previous assignments and discusses what the next steps are.

How to move forward? Contact Onrego and tell us your goals and needs.

Cloud Advisor – 3 990 € / month

Price VAT 0%. Subject to change without notice.

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