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A framework for application & IT infrastructure modernization.

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It’s time to modernize. Pilvipolku™ helps organizations to accelerate cloud adoption and to build a well-managed and secure cloud platform. The model is 100 % compatible with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

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You have the vision, but you lack the methods

Many organizations understand the benefits of the cloud and have a vision of what to do with cloud technology. But, for some reason, nothing happens.

Cloud technology often sneaks in, starting with small experiments without a proper strategy or governance. As time goes by, the use of cloud services has grown organically to a point where it’s all a bit chaotic and uncontrollable.

Pilvipolku™ helps to transform and modernize your IT infrastructure and IT applications with a clear and concise methodology.

Pilvipolku™ - the structure

We’ve divided Pilvipolku™ into different sections where each section has a clearly defined outcome. The structure makes it easy for you to plan your cloud transformation in sync with your business goals.

Vision & strategy

Business first

The first step of your cloud transformation is to justify your vision.

What are your business goals? Top priorities now versus in 5 years? What motivates you to adopt cloud technologies in the first place?

From your vision, we create a cloud strategy to reach your destination. Strategy is not just a fancy word; it includes an actionable plan, which determines the necessary steps to modernize your applications and IT infrastructure.

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Skills & competence

Get your skills ready

One of the biggest challenges in adopting cloud technology is the lack of relevant skills. Legacy IT management won’t lead to new destinations or new ways of doing business.

Cloud Masterclass is a training program for IT professionals and technology leaders. Our Microsoft certified trainers will make you cloud-competent. The program covers all the essential cloud concepts and best practices to get the most value from your cloud.

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Master the here and now

How well do you know your digital estate? What kinds of applications are in use? Where are they located? What is their lifecycle?

In the discovery phase of your cloud journey, we conduct a technical assessment and analyze your digital estate.

The analysis forms the backbone for our rationalization and adoption plan in the next phase


Every journey needs a map

In the Plan phase, we rationalize your application landscape; which applications are retained, replaced with SaaS solutions, or refactored into containers?

We plan the cloud architecture for your applications in the cloud according to best practices. The business goals and priority workloads in the cloud adoption plan enable digital transformation.

When planning is complete, you have priority projects; the first to move, production workloads second, and the last to move and or to be replaced – aligned with your vision and strategy.


A rock-solid foundation

Your cloud platform needs a secure foundation.

First, we provide you with the capacity, scalability, and reporting you need.

We then create a cloud governance model where we define the policies and practices for your cloud environments. The governance model sets the baseline for your cloud environment’s security and management. If you use the cloud for software development, we extend the governance model with DevOps governance, which helps developers interact with your cloud resources.

And finally, we preconfigure your cloud environment according to your governance policies and create the necessary landing zones.


Let the modernization begin

We modernize your applications according to plan. Staged first to move, second to move, last, and retain – you are in control and realize benefits from the get-go.

All our Lift & Shift migrations have measurable goals – on time, at cost, responsive, and or scalable.

Manage & optimize

A fully managed, cost-effective cloud platform

Your cloud environment needs ongoing optimization and care. Realize the cloud benefits and make the most of modern cloud capabilities.

We offer 24/7 managed cloud services for Azure, Microsoft 365, and hybrid cloud environments powered by Microsoft Premier support.

With the best-in-class tools and automated processes, we make sure your cloud environment is secure and optimized. We also help you manage your cloud consumption and keep your costs in control.

Our managed services help turn your digital assets into tangible business outcomes.

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Cloud Strategy - where it all begins

Cloud strategy is a manual and an actionable plan, which helps to adopt cloud technology business first. We’ll help you recognize how cloud technology can help you advance your business goals.

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