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Managed Cloud for Azure

Optimize your cloud operations with our Managed Service for Azure.

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Managed Cloud for Azure is a managed service (MSP) and ongoing service for Microsoft Azure cloud platform. We automate, optimize and make your cloud secure and bulletproof.

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Service benefits

Optimized Security

We manage security updates and configure your environment according to high security standards. Our Azure experts will also regularly offer recommendations to strengthen your cloud security.

Cloud environment optimization

We make sure your cloud environment configurations are up to date and your environments follow the Microsoft best practices.

Capacity and cost optimization

We monitor your environment and your capacity. We make right sizing and cost optimization recommendations.

Microsoft Premier Support

Microsoft Premier Support is included in our service. In case of critical incidents, we can escalate incident management to Microsoft Premier Support at no extra cost.

Finnish service Key Flag

Our service has been awarded with Finnish Service Key Flag, which requires, that the service is produced in Finland. We aim to provide high quality, local service.

DevSecOps supports cloud-native development

In our service production we use DevSecOps. This means, we make cloud security a part of your CI/CD-pipeline and make sure cloud security is included in your applications life cycle.

Cloud management and securitu

A well-managed, secure and easily accessible cloud platform

The aim of our service is to provide you with a well-managed, secure and easily accessible cloud platform, that’s highly scalable and operationally reliable.

We use highly automated processes and the best tools to ensure quality and uniformity in our service production.


Who is this for?

Managed Cloud for Azure is suited for everyone who’s looking to outsource their cloud management and are looking for a superior cloud partner.

If you’re just starting your cloud adoption journey, we’ll help you accelerate your cloud transformation according to best practices and make sure your environment is compliant with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framerowork for Azure.

If you’re already using cloud services and Azure, but your IT infrastructure feels fragmented and both cloud management and cloud security are not up to date, our service helps you to take better control of your environment and realize true business value for your cloud.

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The main benefits and value of using managed cloud services

Azure vs. Managed Azure


Managed Cloud for Azure

Azure Subscriptions

Pay with credit card as-you-go, or an make an upfront payment to Microsoft.

Monthly billing and cost report. Manage your subscriptions from our easy-to-use self-service portal.

Azure environments

It’s your responsibility to create new environments and maintain them.

We’ll build Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure compatible landing zones and create new environments when you need them.

Server management and monitoring

It’s your responsibility to manage and monitor servers.

We’ll manage and monitor your servers, and fix potential issues.

Cloud security

Azure Security Center is at your service, but it’s your job to analyze & optimize.

Your environment configured according to high security standards. Continuous security updates plus recommendations based on Azure Security Center.

Cost management

Use Azure Cost Management -tool to get spending insights.

Get insights and recommendations from our Azure experts. We’ll actively monitor your capacity needs.

Incident management

Reactive, you’ll fix incidents as they occur. Microsoft support with a separate contract or paid tickets.

Proactive preventative incident management. Correct configuration prevents issues, but if incidents occur, we react with out integrated monitoring. Escalation to Microsoft at no extra cost via Premier Support.

Cloud is an investment. Make the most out of it.

Our managed services help turn your digital assets into tangible business outcomes.

With the best-in-class tools and automated processes, we make sure your cloud environment is secure and optimized. We also help you manage your cloud consumption and keep your costs in control.

For Developers

We are the Ops for your DevOps

Managed Cloud for Azure boosts cloud-native development. We’ll handle cloud operations and cloud security for your, so that you and your team can focus on developing applications and software.

Our service includes technical support and consultation for application architecture regarding Azure-resources and -environments.

We’ll hook you up with one of our experts, who will act as a DevOps Engineer and whose job it is to support application development and manage your CI/CD -pipeline.

Cloud optimization

Keep your Azure costs in control and maximize your performance

As part of the Managed Cloud for Azure -service, our certified experts give regular insights and recommendations to optimize your Azure costs and capacity, and see that your environments performance is maximized.

So, hold on to your cloud and make the most out of Microdoft Azure’s services in a secure and cost-effective way.

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