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Cloud Masterclass

Cloud and Azure training for IT professionals.

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Cloud Masterclass is an efficient instructor led training package, which enables the student to deploy and manage cloud environments according to the best industry standards. In the training sessions we’ll look at all the best practices you need to adopt and manage cloud technology in a secure and cost-efficient way.

Price 3 495 € (alv 0 %)

Duration 6 months

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From novice to native

The benefits of the cloud are tempting, but adoption is not progressing at an optimal pace. One of the greatest challenges for organizations in cloud technology adoption is the lack of relevant cloud skills.

Cloud Masterclass aims to fill that gap by providing all the necessary information you need to succesfully adopt and operate cloud technology and services as part of your own IT infrastructure.

The training is comprised of 11 modules. Each module is lecture / remote session. All the sessions are recorded and viewable in the training portal afterwards.

Why choose Cloud Masterclass?

Comprehensive and up-to-date content

In the training sessions we go over the most important things you need to know in order to successfully adopt, operate manage cloud technology.

Materials easily available throughout the course

All the training sessions and the exercises are easily available from the training portal throughout the course.

Azure training environment

Each student will get his/her own Azure training environment. The environment can freely be used for whatever purposes, for example as a test environment for your own organization.

Practical demos and exercises

Training is based on practical and concrete exercises in a real Azure environment. All the sessions include a bunch of demos.

Flexible studying

The training sessions are held every two weeks as remote sessions via Microsoft Teams. One session takes half a day.

Company-specific implementations are possible

It’s also possible to organize a tailored training program for your team and organization. We can adjust the content for your needs and purposes and. The sessions can be held either in Finnish or English.


Learn the essentials of Azure and cloud

Cloud Masterclass includes 11 modules, each consists of one half a day lecture and exercises.

The training modules are constantly updated to reflect the changes in cloud technology and Microsoft Azure development.

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Designed for both experts and chief information officers

The training program gives all the essentals tools and skills for system and infrastructure admins to manage and develop a cloud-based IT infrastructure with Microsoft Azure.

The program is also well suited for chief information officers and technology leaders, who want to modernize their organizations applications platforms in a larger scale.

Module details

In the first module we look at the basic concepts of public cloud and cloud technology. We also look at the uses cases and the most used Azure services.

We look at virtual machines and  – the basics, different machine types, the creation and management of virtual machines and backups.

We look at cloud and Azure storage solutions

Keywords: Storage Accounts, Blob Storage, Azure Files, Storage Security, Data Replication, File and Folder Backups

We go over how to design and create networks in Azure, cloud architecture and connecting your networks to your on-prem servers.

Keywords: Virtual Networking, Intersite Connectivity, Network Traffic Management

We go over the basics of Azure Active Directory. We also look at identity and access management (IAM) in Azure, talk about the best cloud security practices and take a look at Azure’s security and monitoring tools.

Keywords: Azure Active Directory, Users and Groups, Role-Based Access Control, AD Join, Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Protection, Self-Service Password Reset

In this module we talk about hybrid cloud scenarios, migration tools and look at how to move your workloads from on-prem to cloud.

Keywords: Hybrid Cloud, HCI Solutions, Azure Stack, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Azure Migrate

We immerse ourselves with Azure’s cloud management and monitoring tools and talk about cloud cost optimization.

Keywords: Azure Management Tools, Azure Monitor, Azure Advisor, Azure Security Center, Azure Cost Management

We learn how to automate cloud management processes using ARM-templates and Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) solutions.

Keywords: Azure Az Powershell, ARM Templates, Azure Automation, Runbooks, Automation DSC, Azure Policy Service

We look at cloud database solutions and how you can build applications without virtual machines.

Keywords: PaaS, SaaS, App Service, Databases

We look at what DevOps means from an infrastructure administrators perspective. We also look at container technologies and talk about serverless solutions.

Keywords: Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps

In the last module we dig into Azure’s AI and IoT solutions.

Keywords: Azure Machine Learning, Machine Learning Studio, Bot Service, Azure IoT, IoT Hub, IoT Central

Company-specific implementations

Make your team cloud native

We also do company-specific implementations and help IT and infrastructure teams to make the most of cloud technology. We can adjust and modify the program according to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Cloud Masterclass is aimed at all IT professionals, IT teams and developers who want to master cloud technology in practice. Cloud technology requires a whole new skillset compared to traditional IT infrastructure.

Cloud Masterclass is an efficient way to boost or update your own and your team’s cloud skillset.

The training program costs 3 495 € + VAT 24 %. The billing is done monthly in six installments.

The program lasts for six months. One lecture / sessions is four hours, and the sessions are held twice a month. In addition to the sessions you need some time for self-studying and the exercises, about one day total per month.

No worries. The training is designed to be carried out as flexible as possible and without any distractions to your actual work. If you can’t attend a session, you can watch the session afterwards in the training portal and go through the exercises in your own time.

Yes you can. In the training program we create a test environment for every student. You can use the test environment freely for whatever purposes.

No. Cloud Masterclass gives you all the information you need to pass the MOC AZ-104 certification, but the certification isn’t part of the training program. Cloud Masterclass focuses on giving you all the know-how, skills and tools you need to successfully adopt, manage and operate cloud technology.

For more information about Cloud Masterclass

If you have any questions regarding the training program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you ready to go from cloud novice to cloud native?

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