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Cloud landing zone

A solid and secure foundation for your cloud environments.

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Our landing zone solution delivers a consistent, secure and well-managed Azure-enviroment for your workloads. Our solution is based on Microsoft’s best practices and is fully compatible with Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

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Secure and consistent

Landing zone is the backbone of your cloud

With our landing zone solution we make sure your cloud environments are always set up according to best practices and follow your organizations policies. Landing zones help keep your cloud environments consistent and secure.

Our solution prevents your cloud becoming fragmented in multivendor environment. A policy-based management layer enables ongoing cloud development and management and makes it easy to scale the cloud according to your needs.

Solution benefits

Enhance your cloud management and security

Landing zone makes it much more easier to follow your organizations compliance and governance policies when setting up cloud environments.


Our solutions uses automation and infrastructure as a code (IaC) to ensure consistency when migrating new workloads and setting up new environments.

Designed to scale

With our solution your environments can easily scale up- or downwards according to your needs. Management practices cover different kinds of subscrictions, diverse needs and takes into account the adoption of new services.

Best practices and standards

We follow Microsoft’s best practices and standards. Our solution is 100 % compatible with Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

Do I need a Landing zone?

One of the most important steps with cloud adoption is a proper groundwork. Every organization has their own set of policies and demands when it comes to information security and IT operations. Your cloud platform and cloud environments should be defined based on your organizations specific needs.

At the core of our solution is reproducibility. This means your workload migrations will always follow your organizations policies and standards.

It really doesn’t matter if you are already using cloud platforms and Microsoft Azure.  Landing zone fits perfectly for the following scenarios:

Starting out with Azure
If you are in the early stages of your cloud adoption journey, landing zone is the perfect way to begin using Azure in a CAF-compliant way.

Organic growth
When you are in a situation, where Azure use and consumption has grown organically and you are looking to for a way to unclutter your cloud platform, landing zone will help you manage your platform and bring consistency into your operations.

A demand for enterprise-scale landing zone
If you’re operating a large Azure environment and you have already identified the need to implement enterprise-scale landing zones, this is the perfect solution for you.

Scalable & standardized

Enterprise-scale landing zone scales according to your needs

Our solution is based on Microsoft’s enterprise-scale landing zones. Strategic choices, governance and cloud security are at the core of our solution.

With IaC-templates your cloud environment configurations stay consistent even as your cloud consumptions grows.

Landing zone ensures your cloud security baseline and manageability will always be safe and sound when you migrate new workloads into cloud.

Service deliverables

Landing zone workshop

We begin with a workshop, where we define the foundations for your landing zone. We focus on governance, security, compliance, identity and access management and networks.

Enterprise-scale landing zone implementation

Based on the information and definitions gathered in the workshop we implement a cloud environment using enterprise-scale landing zones.

Environment descriptions

We document all the configurations and settings to ensure, that all future workload migrations will follow the best practices.

GitHub-templates and usage instructions

Our service includes usage instructions and a private GitHub-repository, where we will store your IaC-templates for setting up new environments and provisioning new subscriptions.

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We will help you set up Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure compatible landing zones.

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