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Cloud Governance

Keep your cloud security and costs in control.

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With cloud governance model we make sure, the use of your cloud services and resources follows a set of policies, which help to keep your cloud security and cloud costs in control. A governance model is a document, which acts as a guidebook for your personnel and for your partners on how to operate and make use of your cloud resources.

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Keep your cloud security and costs in control

Cloud technology promises speed and agility. Decisions are made fast, and sometimes the journey from decision making to production is fairly short. Governance model helps you to manage your cloud spend and to strengthen your security baseline.

Service benefits

Best practices

Together we define and create policies and best practices to follow when new applications are migrated into your cloud environment.

Shared practices and policies

The governance model acts as a guidebook for both your team and your partners, and helps to unify the use of your cloud resources.

More than a collection of random links

The governance model is created for your cloud environment. Our governance documentation is not a collection to random links and best practices. It’s a thorough documentation made just for your environment.

A secure and cost-optimized environment

The governance model helps you to set a strong baseline for your cloud security and to managed and optimize your cloud consumption.

Ground rules

A playbook for your cloud

We document the best practices and policies, which everyone should follow when building, migrating or deploying new services using your cloud environment.

This makes it easy for new people to act and operate within your cloud environment, when all the necessary policies and practices regarding your cloud environment have been clearly defined and described.

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Cloud governance model looks at:

Design principles

How to design and build services for your cloud environment? How to ensure service reliability and right-sizing when designing new services (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS)?

Identity & access management

How to protect your admin permissions and roles? What kind of roles and permissions should partners have?

Cost optimization

How will you monitor your cloud consumption and costs? How should the costs be allocated in your organization and with your partners?


What are the minimum security requirements for your organization? For your partners, who have access to your data and applications? How will you monitor your cloud security?

Cloud governance, why?

Without a governance model, your cloud environment risks of becoming chaotic and uncontrollable.

This is apparent especially with multi-sourcing environments. It’s much more easier for new people in your organization and for new partners to use your cloud environment and cloud resources, when all the essential practices and policies are clearly defined.

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