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Cloud Capacity

We are a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Service Provider) Partner. We provide Azure consumption and Microsoft subscriptions as a service.

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Get your Azure capacity and Microsoft 365 subscriptions from a trusted cloud partner. Our cloud capacity service includes technical support and a self-service portal, where you can easily manage your organizations licenses and Azure subscriptions.

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Juhana Raitasalo
+358 40 759 0526

Consumption as a Service

So much more than just capacity and subscriptions

We are Microsoft CSP-partner. When you buy our Azure capacity and Microsoft subscriptions from us, you’ll also get technical support for Azure and Microsoft 365. Our service is powered by Microsoft Premier -support.

We provide support and expertise and help you with capacity right-sizing. Monthly consolidated billing and clear cost reporting makes it easy for you to manage your cloud costs.

The benefits of using CSP for Microsoft Azure consumption

You can buy Azure consumption with your credit card from azure.com or you can buy it from a Microsoft CSP partner. Here are five key reasons you should consider buying your Azure consumption using CSP.

  1. Monthly consolidated billing. You only pay for what you use. With CSP you get monthly consolidate billing with and cost reporting. This makes it easier for you to manage and optimize your Azure costs.
  2. Support services. If and when you need technical support regarding your Azure subscriptions or services, our experts are here to help. Our service is also powered by Microsoft Premier support, which means you get all the Microsoft Premier support benefits without any extra costs.
  3. License and subsctription optimization. Our experts will help you make make the most out of all your licenses and subscriptions, and help you make sure you make the smartest decisions when buying new licenses and subscriptions.
  4. Self-service portal. You can easily manage your Azure subscriptions and Microsoft licenses with our Onrego Marketplace porta. This saves both your time and our time.
  5. API. Our service includes API for integrations and license automations. With our API you can for example integrate our service to your identity access management and make / remove subsctions automatically.
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Technical support

Easy access to cloud expertise

Our service includes technical Azure support from our certified cloud experts. And with Microsoft Premier support, we can escalate incident management to Microsoft at no extra cost.

Our certified Azure experts help you make the most of your Azure subscriptions.



An easy way to manage your subscriptions

Our capacity service includes Onrego Marketplace self-service portal, which makes managing your subscriptions very easy and efficient.

The portal lets you manage Microsoft Online subscriptions and Azure consumption.

Who is this service for?

Our service is ideal for you, if you want manage your own cloud consumption, but are looking for a backbone for your cloud operations.

Our service is also great, if you want monthly consolidated billing and clear cost reporting for your cloud consumption.

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